Atari’s 2600+ is a miniature console that performs 2600 and 7800 recreation carts


Atari is teaming up with Plaion on a brand new retro residence console after lastly taking a mulligan on its final one. The Atari 2600+ pays homage to the unique Atari 2600, which delighted youngsters of the disco period beginning in 1977, though this remake is predicated on the four-switch mannequin from 1980. It performs each Atari 2600 and 7800 video games. Nevertheless, most patrons will need to observe down bodily cartridges because the retro system, which requires them to play, is barely bundled with a set of 10 titles that lacks system standouts like Pac-Man, Frogger, House Invaders and Pitfall!

The throwback console has been “lovingly recreated to the identical specs as the unique,” though it’s solely 80 % of the dimensions. The console’s “plus” options come within the type of an HDMI output and widescreen assist. The corporate says the system has an enlarged cartridge socket to cut back cartridge sticking. The Atari brand additionally lights up when powered on.

Marketing photo for the Atari CX40+ retro console. The accessory looks identical to the vintage joystick: mostly black with a lone red button and a long stick protruding.

Atari / Plaion

The system features a trendy remake of the basic Atari CX40 joystick, the CX40+. Though it helps two gamers, just one stick is bundled. (You possibly can order an additional for $25.) The corporate says a CX-30 Paddle Controller remake is on its method as effectively.

The system’s free video games are bundled on a “10 Video games in 1” cartridge, together with Journey, Fight, Dodge ‘Em, Haunted Home, Maze Craze, Missile Command, RealSports Volleyball, Encompass, Video Pinball and Yars’ Revenge. Atari posted a full listing of suitable cartridges. Potential patrons could need to take into account that searching down bodily video games (and probably paying a premium for some) shall be a part of the journey.

If your complete affair sounds acquainted, that’s as a result of the basic online game maker launched the long-delayed Atari VCS simply over two years in the past. However shopper curiosity in that mannequin appeared to fall off a cliff after the preliminary pleasure, and the corporate discontinued the retro console in favor of reorganizing its {hardware} enterprise whereas eyeing “a brand new business technique.” We will solely assume we’re seeing the fruit of that as we speak because it companions with Plaion.

The Atari 2600+ launches “worldwide” on November seventeenth for $130. (An optionally available second joystick provides one other $25 onto that.) Beginning as we speak, the most recent mini-retro system is out there for pre-order on Atari’s web site.

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