WinRAR 0-day that makes use of poisoned JPG and TXT recordsdata underneath exploit since April


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A newly found zero-day within the extensively used WinRAR file-compression program has been exploited for 4 months by unknown attackers who’re utilizing it to put in malware when targets open booby-trapped JPGs and different innocuous inside file archives.

The vulnerability, residing in the way in which WinRAR processes the ZIP file format, has been underneath energetic exploit since April in securities buying and selling boards, researchers from safety agency Group IB reported Wednesday. The attackers have been utilizing the vulnerability to remotely execute code that installs malware from households, together with DarkMe, GuLoader, and Remcos RAT.

From there, the criminals withdraw cash from dealer accounts. The entire quantity of economic losses and complete variety of victims contaminated is unknown, though Group-IB stated it has tracked not less than 130 people recognized to have been compromised. WinRAR builders fastened the vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2023-38831, earlier this month.

Weaponizing ZIP archives

“By exploiting a vulnerability inside this program, risk actors had been capable of craft ZIP archives that function carriers for numerous malware households,” Group-IB Malware Analyst ​​Andrey Polovinkin wrote. “Weaponized ZIP archives had been distributed on buying and selling boards. As soon as extracted and executed, the malware permits risk actors to withdraw cash from dealer accounts. This vulnerability has been exploited since April 2023.”

Whereas Group-IB hasn’t detected the vulnerability being exploited in different settings or putting in different malware households, it wouldn’t be shocking if that’s the case. In 2019, the same WinRAR vulnerability tracked as CVE-2018-20250 got here underneath energetic assault inside weeks of turning into public. It was utilized in no fewer than 5 separate campaigns by separate risk actors.

WinRAR has greater than 500 million customers who depend on this system to compress giant recordsdata to make them extra manageable and faster to add and obtain. It’s not unusual for folks to right away decompress the ensuing ZIP recordsdata with out inspecting them first. Even when folks try to look at them for malice, antivirus software program usually has bother peering into the compressed knowledge to determine malicious code.

The malicious ZIP archives Group-IB discovered had been posted on public boards utilized by merchants to swap info and talk about matters associated to cryptocurrencies and different securities. Normally, the malicious ZIPs had been hooked up to discussion board posts. In different circumstances, they had been distributed on the file storage web site catbox[.]moe. Group-IB recognized eight in style buying and selling boards used to unfold the recordsdata.

In a single case, directors of one of many abused boards warned customers after discovering dangerous recordsdata had been distributed on the platform.

“Regardless of this warning, additional posts had been made and extra customers had been affected,” Polovinkin wrote. “Our researchers additionally noticed proof that the risk actors had been capable of unblock accounts that had been disabled by discussion board directors to proceed spreading malicious recordsdata, whether or not by posting in threads or sending personal messages.” The pictures under present a few of the postings used to entice folks into downloading them and a warning issued by an admin of one of many abused boards.

One discussion board participant reported that the attackers gained unauthorized entry to a dealer account. An tried withdrawal of funds failed for causes that aren’t fully clear.

Intricate an infection chain

The attackers’ exploit launched an intricate an infection chain illustrated under:

Polovinkin wrote:

The cybercriminals are exploiting a vulnerability that enables them to spoof file extensions, which signifies that they’re able to disguise the launch of malicious code inside an archive masquerading as a ‘.jpg’, ‘.txt’, or every other file format. They create a ZIP archive containing each malicious and non-malicious recordsdata. When the sufferer opens a specifically crafted archive, the sufferer will normally see a picture file and a folder with the identical title because the picture file.

Screenshot showing archive contents, including a .jpg file.

Screenshot displaying archive contents, together with a .jpg file.

If the sufferer clicks on the decoy file, which might masquerade as a picture, a script is executed that launches the following stage of the assault. This course of is illustrated in Determine 10 (under).

Figure 10

Determine 10

Throughout our investigation, we seen that the ZIP archive has a modified file construction. There are two recordsdata within the archive: an image and a script. As a substitute of the picture opening, the script is launched. The script’s primary objective is to provoke the following stage of the assault. That is carried out by working a minimized window of itself. It then searches for 2 particular recordsdata, particularly “Screenshot_05-04-2023.jpg” and “Photographs.ico.” The JPG file is a picture that the sufferer opened initially. “Photographs.ico” is an SFX CAB archive designed to extract and launch new recordsdata. Beneath is an instance of the script:

@echo off
set IS_MINIMIZED=1 && begin "" /min "%~dpnx0" %* && exit
cd %TEMP%
for /F "delims=" %%Ok in ('dir /b /s "Screenshot_05-04-2023.jpg"') do
for /F "delims=" %%G in ('dir /b /s "Photographs.ico"') do
WMIC course of name create "%%~G" && "%%~Ok" && cd %CD% && exit

Now that the vulnerability has turn into extensively recognized, it should seemingly turn into extensively exploited. Anybody utilizing WinRAR ought to replace to model 6.23 earlier than utilizing this system once more.

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